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What You Can Do to Encourage Kids to Tidy Up Toys After Play

What You Can Do to Encourage Kids to Tidy Up Toys After Play

There’s nothing worse as a parent than having to clear up your kids’ toys after their play session. While it’s always great to see your kids happy and enjoying their playtime, the worst part about it is undoubtedly the mess that’s left for the adults to clear up after. Today I’m going to share some top tips to help encourage your kids to tidy away their toys, so you’ll no longer have to spend your precious time cleaning up after them.

Make a Game of It

The best way to make your kids tidy up after playtime is to make a game of it. If you have two or more young children, why not make it into a competition? Have two or more baskets side by side, one of which is for each child. Put a timer on your watch and get the kids to run around and see how many toys they can pick up in a short time. Everyone loves a competition, and there’s no better way to get your young kids motivated. The competition doesn’t have to be taken too seriously, but you could always keep a running tally throughout the week to encourage your kids to win each day! Another great way to make tidying up fun is to create a song or rhyme to sing along to, which they’ll then begin to associate with packing away.

Find a Good Home for Everything

In order to help with your tidying away, you’ll want each toy or item to have its own specific home. If your child begins to associate each type of toy with belonging in a particular basket or cupboard, they are far more likely to be returned to that place. Each time a new toy or game is introduced into your home, immediately establish where it lives so that your child will know where to return it after playtime.

One at a Time

While children often like to get carried away and have all of their toys out at one time, try to get them into a routine of playing with one or two items, and then switching over to another couple of toys. By telling kids that they can have another toy as a reward for packing away their current one, they are much more likely to keep things tidy. This can also be applied to any type of tidying up, where you can encourage kids to tackle their bedroom or playroom one section at a time. By asking them to tidy up, for example, their dolls first, as opposed to everything in the room, the task will seem far more manageable and achievable.

By following these tips listed above and trying to make tidying up more fun for your kids, they’ll be much more inclined to keep their play space neat and tidy. There’s nothing worse than finding toys spread all across your house, so establish clear storage spaces for each toy to minimise the mess and chaos in your home!