What to do if your child is falling behind with home school online learning due to COVID-19

What to do if your child is falling behind with home school online learning due to COVID-19

What to do if your child is falling behind with home school online learning due to COVID-19

The past year has been a challenge for parents and children around the world. Online learning has been a great way for children to keep up with their school work, but many children are struggling with this new way of teaching and learning. If your child is falling behind from home school online learning this year, these are some of the best ways to alleviate the issue and minimise the stress in your family.

Take Stock of the Situation

Before starting to panic about your child’s education and progress, take the time to review the situation. If your child is struggling to concentrate or focus on their online lessons, consider if there’s a way you could improve your home environment. Maybe there are certain subjects they are struggling with that you need to spend more time and energy on in the future. We all know the current situation is by no means normal, so think about where you put your energy and if it’s worth the stress. More crucial subjects such as maths and English are perhaps of bigger concern than other parts of the curriculum.

Speak to Your Child’s Teacher

If you’ve not already taken the time to speak to your child’s teacher, it’s time to book a one-on-one call. Your child’s teacher is probably just as frustrated as you and your child are about the current situation and will be very understanding. You’ll be able to explain your worries and concerns and ask if there is any additional material you can be offered to work on with your child out of class time. They may not have even noticed that your child is falling behind, and so by bringing it to their attention, they’ll be able to check on your child to ensure they understand what’s going on in each lesson.

Create a Balanced Timetable

One of the biggest challenges with the current pandemic is the lack of structure for everyone. School time quickly blends into home time, and before your child knows it, they probably feel like every moment of their day is spent learning. Create set school hours for your child, with a specific period of the day put aside for their homework time after school. Don’t put too much pressure on your child, and ensure they are switching off from work and assignments early on in the evening. Without some time to relax, be active, or hang out with your family, your child will soon lose all interest and motivation for school.

Online learning is difficult for children of all ages, who are struggling to keep up with their workload and remain motivated during virtual classes. While you may feel stressed about their progress, remember that this time will pass, and before you know it, your child will be back at school. Just try to take things one day at a time, and help your child out where needed to keep on track with their homework. We’re all doing the best we can during these uncertain times, and by creating a balanced timetable for your child, you’ll be doing everything you can to support them through this unusual period.