How To Deal When Your Child Throws Tantrums in Public

How To Deal When Your Child Throws Tantrums in Public

How To Deal When Your Child Throws Tantrums in Public

When a child throws a tantrum in public, it can be humiliating for your family and uncomfortable for everyone around you. While we all know tantrums are part of a child’s development, when they happen in public, it’s far from ideal. However, it’s important to deal with a tantrum in the correct way, which can help calm your child and minimise the chance of this occurring again in the future. Today we’re going to share with you our top tips for dealing with a public tantrum.

Stay Calm

When your child begins throwing a tantrum in public, the first thing for you to remember is to stay calm. It can be so easy for you to start matching their upset state, but you need to remain composed and level-headed to minimise the scene your child is causing. Remember, young children don’t understand the difference between how they should act in public versus at home, and so to them, their actions are allowed to be the same in both situations. By remaining calm and not shouting or getting more upset at them, you won’t make their tantrum even worse, which is the first step to diffusing this situation.

Distract Your Child

Children can so easily be distracted from what they are currently upset or worried about, so by using deflection tactics, you can soon turn their tears into laughter. By pulling funny faces or showing them something they find hilarious, they’ll soon forget what they were upset about. Oftentimes tantrums are purely to do with hunger or tiredness, so if that’s the case, try to give your child a drink or snack to boost their energy levels until you get home and they can rest.


Negotiation can work wonders with young children, who will often calm down and stop their tantrum if they know there’s something in it for them. By promising your child you’ll do something fun when they get home if they behave now, they’ll be far more likely to behave for the rest of your time away from home.

A Change of Scenery

One of the quickest ways to diffuse a tantrum is to offer an immediate change of scenery. Your child may just be overwhelmed from shopping in the grocery store or being in a noisy and crowded environment. By removing your child from their current location, even if it means returning to the car or somewhere a little quieter, you can help them to feel more at ease and relax. Tantrums are often triggered by feelings of overwhelm, so try to return your child to a place they feel comfortable, and they should soon calm down.

By following these simple steps, you can deal with any future public tantrums your child has in a calm and collected manner. When you are heading out for the day, ensure your child doesn’t become too tired or overwhelmed in new settings, which will minimise the chance of a tantrum. Public tantrums are never fun for anyone involved but remember that almost every other parent has been through this before, so no one around you is judging you for what you are going through.