How Do I Get My Fussy Child To Eat?

How Do I Get My Fussy Child To Eat?

How Do I Get My Fussy Child To Eat?

For parents around the world, one of the biggest challenges they face today is getting a fussy child to eat. When this issue isn’t tackled early on, it can continue for many years, resulting in incredibly picky teenagers and young adults. Today we’re going to share with you some of the top ways to encourage your fussy child to eat and enjoy a more balanced diet.

Start With Small Portions

If there’s a particular food group that your child refuses to eat, such as vegetables, start by offering them small portions. Don’t serve them a huge plate packed with food they don’t enjoy eating, as this is never going to end well. Instead, make the undesirable food just a very small percentage of their meal. The chances of them trying the food will be increased, and they are more likely to combine it with the other delicious food they enjoy. By placing a small portion of vegetables within your child’s favourite dish, you increase the chance of them trying the vegetables without noticing.

Distract Your Child During Mealtimes

One of the most common occurrences with parents struggling with a fussy child is the tendency for the whole meal to become focused on their eating patterns. Try to make mealtimes more enjoyable for everyone by distracting your child by talking about their day or playing a fun game at dinner time. This will remove the focus from the food, and your child will be far more likely to try something new when they are relaxed and having a good time.

Try Food in Different Forms

Sometimes it’s not the food itself that your child struggles with and is instead the presentation or the cooking method. For example, if your child struggles to eat cooked carrots, offer them raw carrots with a dip instead and see if you notice any difference. You can also try to sneak different foods into their favourite dishes, such as pasta, and see if you can get them to try a food they don’t usually eat in this way.

Stay Calm and Try Again

Fussy children often remain this way after so many arguments and confrontations surrounding food. While feeding a picky child can be one of the most frustrating experiences for parents, you need to try and remain calm during each meal. If your child refuses to eat something, don’t force them to eat it. Instead, remove the plate calmly and don’t say anything, regardless of how annoyed you feel inside. Sometimes, simply trying again another day when your child is in a better mood might do the trick. If your child acts out in front of your family but is better when surrounded by friends, consider trying out new dishes with a different audience. They’ll be far more likely to eat something if all of their friends are, which might be the trick for getting them to try new foods.

Dealing with a fussy child can be a very challenging experience for parents. With patience and perseverance, you can work to introduce new foods to your child’s meals and offer them a more balanced and nutritious diet moving forward.