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Why toys are important element in children's life

Why toys are important element in children's life

Children play toys not only for fun but also for learning.

It support kids' development from the first days of their life, children learn through playing, and toys help them to do that, the Archaeologists discovered them (specifically, miniature horse carts) even in the tombs of ancient Egypt.

Toys develop a child in different ways:

  • They stimulate the senses
  • Allow accumulating experience and knowledge about the world
  • They teach interaction
  • They develop physically and manually
  • They teach logical thinking, words, numbers, colour, shapes, etc.
  • Stimulate the imagination.

What toys should every child have?

Certainly, those that reflect people and animals: dolls, teddy bears, etc. Construction toys (blocks), toys for movement games (e.g. a ball), musical toys, those that allow creating (paints), and those that teach thinking (e.g. puzzles, board games).

These types of toys can be easily available in every home.  Games and activities adapted to the age of the child ensure their proper development and a form of entertainment.

For the smallest children, very useful are rattles, and mirrors.

Books are also important in our children’s’ life.

They learn how to turn pages, listen to stories, view, show, and name pictures. Toys don't have to be always sophisticated but should require activity from the child and leave room for their imagination. 

Children don’t need to be surrounded by many toys at once, especially those that provide lots of stimuli. Toys are needed, and of course, we want to offer choice and diversity. Unfortunately, it often turns out that children have too many toys and, in fact, do not want to play with them.

In the multitude of all these toys, enticing with their charming appearance and numerous functions, it is worth remembering that none of them, even the most expensive ones, can replace the presence of a parent.

We often think that a toy with many different functions will make our child busy for longer. Of course, there is nothing wrong with the fact that parents just want a moment of peace.

But the truth is that our children will be the happiest when we will play with them.